Train Like a Celebrity Mama!

For celebrity moms like Carrie Underwood, Pink, and Jessica Alba, bouncing back after baby actually started when they were pregnant. While all of us would love to magically drop the weight after baby, the reality is that prenatal fitness and a healthy diet are key to weight loss after the bundle of joy arrives. Some celebrity moms like Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian even share aspects of their workouts with their followers. One of the things that all of these celebrity mamas have in common is that they used a personal trainer as part of their prenatal fitness regimen. So, we figured if the celebrity moms do it, then we should do it too!


In my first pregnancy, I was working out four to five times a week. I would do a combination of Zumba, swimming, hydro aerobics and I had one training session per week. It was a lot easier to work out during my first pregnancy as compared to my second. My second pregnancy, I am lucky if I make it to the gym three times a week. My workouts are Zumba, training, and hydro aerobics. My day-to-day workout includes chasing a toddler, which leaves me pretty exhausted. When I got pregnant this time, having a trainer was a non-negotiable for me. I saw how much it helped me during my pregnancy and I was able to recover relatively quickly after giving birth.

Reasons Why We Love a Trainer


They can help with injuries

Whether you are pregnant, post-partum or just want to get in shape, a trainer is a great way to do so. I started using a trainer in my late 20s. I had several injuries from sports that were flaring up and wanted to figure out ways that I could work out, but not reinjure myself. Also, I found that as I was working out four to five times a week, I would get sore and aggravate muscles/joints I wasn’t even aware of. My trainer was always very good about doing stretches that would work those areas so I wouldn’t injure myself. Being pregnant, a trainer that has a background in prenatal fitness, will help you with stretching and preparing your body for birth. Whether it is strengthening the pelvic floor or abdomen, they can help you work on target areas that are going to be engaged in labor. They are also aware of what moves that you can’t do or how certain moves need to be adapted while pregnant.

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They hold you accountable

One of the hardest things being pregnant is that as you get farther along in your pregnancy, the easier it is to stay home and rest. Let’s be real it is exhausting. Having a weekly time with a trainer makes it harder to skip working out. They often will remind you of your time and you have to answer to someone if you don’t show up. It is a lot easier to skip out on a workout class where the instructor doesn’t know your name versus a trainer who has your phone number. Also, all of my trainers ask me every week, what my workout regimen has been, so I know that I have to answer to someone if I was too lazy. There were days during my first pregnancy that I was exhausted or nauseous and my trainer was great about adapting my workout. I wanted to cancel the session because of nausea, but by the time our session ended, I wound up feeling better than when we started. I personally like to set up my training time for the beginning of the week. I am less tired because the week hasn’t gotten crazy yet and it sets the framework for the rest of my week.


They push and encourage you

Walking into a weight room can be intimidating. What machines should I use? How much weight should I lift? Am I even doing this move correctly? A trainer is not only going to ensure that you have the proper form when doing a move, but they are going to challenge you to use machines that you normally wouldn’t use. Let’s be real, I would stick to the elliptical if the workout were up to me! When you work with a trainer over a period of time, they get to know you and what your body can handle. They know when to push you, when to encourage you and when to tell you to take a break. This is especially important when you are pregnant. As a former athlete, I instinctively want to push myself to the limit every time I work out. I often get frustrated because I can’t lift the same weight or do the same regimen as when I am not pregnant and my trainer is great about helping me keep perspective and take breaks so I don’t exhaust myself. It can be frustrating too when we see the celebrity moms bounce back two weeks after having a baby. Again, we have to remind ourselves that they train daily and have a personal chef and a whole team to help them get back on track after baby. Thank you Chrissy Teigen for being transparent!

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While most of us may not have quite the same bankroll as the Kardashians, having a trainer is not as expensive as some might think and it is definitely worth it. There are many options to finding a trainer.

Train with friends

Many trainers will work with a small group of individuals. Find a couple friends that are on the same journey as you and find a trainer that you like. This can be great for an extra layer of accountability as you now have a group of friends that will encourage you if you don’t show up. You can also laugh with each other as you work out, which we always find as a fun motivation.


Find the trainer that is right for you

Read their bios and check out what they specialize in. Find one that not only fits your schedule but also your personality. I like someone who is a good balance of pushing me and encouraging me while my husband just wants to be pushed.


If you are on a limited budget, ask the gym if they have a trainer that is just starting out. Often the trainers that are starting out are less expensive than the ones with more experience. If you are pregnant, we do recommend a trainer that is prenatal certified. Many gyms and programs offer package deals if you purchase a set of training sessions at one time. This can be a great way to save money too.



We were given personal training sessions at Bay Club, but all of our thoughts and opinions are our own. Prior to these sessions, we have used personal trainers on our own over the years. Each person is different, please consult your health physician before starting a workout regimen, especially during pregnancy. We were also given workout clothing by Jill Yoga. (pants pictured in top photo, available at 

Train Like a Celebrity Mama!

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