Slowing Down for Self-Care

SLOW DOWN! Be still. Take a break…these are all things we tell ourselves and sometimes even our loved ones tell us. But it can be so hard to slow down and step away from it all. One of the best pieces of advice someone shared with me when I was pregnant with my first child was to take a “day away.” They said, “Take one whole day where you just do the things you love to do. It can be reading a book at a coffee shop. Getting your nails done. Going shopping.” The friend reminded me that this would be one of the last times where my time really was my own so to speak. I’m so glad that I took that friend’s advice. Yes, I still get to go out and do those things, but as any parent knows, those times can easily be interrupted by a crying kid or family schedule.


As I get ready for baby number two’s arrival, my husband helped me take a couple hours away. We share some of our favorite things that we do for Self-Care. Whether you are having a baby or just trying to keep yourself above water from work deadlines, these are some good reminders of how to step back and take some time for yourself.

Treat yourself to a massage. We enjoyed a prenatal massage from the Bay Club (photo courtesy of Bay Club)


Get a Massage

If you are pregnant, we highly recommend going through a certified prenatal massage specialist. They will hopefully be able to get rid of some of those back pains and they will have the proper apparatus to ensure that you are not on your back or stomach. In my first pregnancy, I had a “prenatal” massage that was basically like someone rubbing my arm. It did absolutely nothing. My massage therapist at the Bay Club was amazing. I let her know about how I was having lower back pain and my sciatica issues were triggered during pregnancy. I felt amazing after the massage. I wish I could go back every couple of days! One of the things that I have to purposely do whenever I book a massage is to schedule time on the front and back end to wind down. If I don’t, I find myself rushing and then just become tense again.



Stretching out with our Plexus Wheel and Jill Yoga gear

Even if you aren’t able to make it to get a massage, there are stretches that can help take away some of those aches and pains. I have to do the pigeon pose religiously because of my sciatica issues. But another thing that has helped me is the Plexus Wheel. I use it before I go to bed and just simply put it beneath my shoulder blades and roll down. I wish I could go get a massage every day, but this is a great tool that helps me and can really help work out my lower back aches. It can also be used with yoga, which we will have to wait until after the baby comes to try.






Kick Your Feet Up

This might be reading a book, getting your nails done, watching your favorite movie, or just relaxing by the pool. I took my little guy to the pool and watched him splash around. While I wasn’t able to entirely check out, I was able to slow down and rest, which was great. Sometimes self-care is just about adapting your normal routine to give you more rest. I love having other people pamper me so something like getting my nails done is a nice treat.


Have Coffee with a Friend


This is one of my favorite things to do. Spending time with the people that energize us is just as important as taking time for ourselves. Our friends can remind us of the things that we love to do, be a sounding board or just make us laugh, all of which are important in self-care. You can even kick your feet up or do some of the other things you enjoy for self-care with your friend.


Treat Yourself

Some matcha ice cream for a treat! Also, pictured our Groove Ring-because my pregnant fingers are too big for my wedding ring. 

We are not saying go out and buy everything under the sun, but it is okay to treat yourself every once in a while. For some that might mean an ice cream cone or for others it might mean a new purse. Whatever it might be, savor that time and the process and don’t feel guilty! We may or may not have had an ice cream cone as part of our treat ourselves reminder.









We were given a prenatal massage from the Bay Club, clothing from Jill Yoga, Plexus Wheel, and Groove Ring. All of our thoughts and opinions are our own. We use affiliate links, thank you for supporting Family Entourage. 

Slowing Down for Self-Care

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