Party Activities

We’ve all been there, we are at a party or shower and they want to play a game. While most of them are harmless and fun, for some it can be overwhelming to have to play a game with complete strangers. The last few showers I have attended either didn’t have a game or did more of an activity. It was a refreshing take to the party experience. Guests could participate if they wanted to or they could just mingle with other guests and catch up with the guest of honor.

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Location: Mint Studio Photography: The Better Business Babe
Cake/Desserts by Twin Treats
Flamingo Rice Krispies, Flamingo straws & pineapple cookies by Family Entourage (see post for how-to)

When we were putting the shower together for Baby Nazar, I liked the idea of my guests being able to mingle and do an activity if they wanted to. I also like being able to catch up with people and not feel like our time was cut short because we had to get through a set amount of games.

The venue, Mint Studio was the perfect setting. It is a DIY craft studio where you can take classes for a specific item that you want to make or just drop in and craft. If you are ever in San Diego, make sure that you check them out. But if you are planning an event, there might be other locations in your state that do similar events or you can get the materials and do them at someone’s home. For our event, we chose two activities, one station where they could make headbands for baby and one where they could make a coaster to take home with them.

Headband Making Station

I had seen this at a couple other baby showers I had been to and loved the idea. Guests can pick from ribbons, clips and flowers to make headbands and clips for the baby. We partnered with Sweet Bow Market for our headband table. We highly recommend using headband kits that are already put together versus trying to buy all the materials at a craft store. One less headache! Plus, Sweet Bow Market has some great kits where everything matches the color theme. We chose the “Kate Spade inspired” one for our baby shower. It was fun watching guests come up with different styles and see their own personalities reflected in the headbands that they made. I can’t wait for baby girl to rock her new headbands.


Baby head band making station hosted by: Sweet Bow Market

Photo Coaster Station

We wanted something that guests could bring home with them. Prior to the party, we asked guests to email or text us a photo that they wanted to use. We printed them out on our HP Envy 7640 printer using HP Social Media Snapshot paper. Guests could use the HP snapshot app to jazz up their photo or they could just send it in regular. We printed them prior to the party because it can take some time to print photos and we didn’t want to worry about lugging a printer back and forth to the venue. Guests then cut the photo to fit on the tile. We just got simple hexagon shaped bath tile from our local hardware store. You can also use square. Guests then used Modge Podge to glue the photo to the coaster and then let it dry. It was fun seeing the pictures the guests chose and it created a space where they could get to know each other or catch up with each other.


Guests made coasters using HP Social media snapshot paper


We partnered with Mint Studio for the event and received the headband kit from Sweet Bow Market. We are also HP Smart Panel Moms and received a printer as part of the program. We use affiliate links. Thank you also to Andrea of the Better Business Babe for capturing our event photos. All of our thoughts and opinions are our own.

Party Activities

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