Grainne Kelly, Founder & CEO of BubbleBum is an avid traveler. Every time she would get to the car rental desk, they wouldn’t have the car seat boosters for her kids even though she had pre-booked them. She shares with us how she went from being frustrated to coming up with a portable car booster seat that can fit in your bag or purse!

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Why we started Mompreneur & Man Behind the Brand Mondays

We started this series as we met all these amazing moms and dads at the JPMA conference. We were there to check out the latest baby gear and trends, but as we talked with founders of many of the companies, we discovered that many of them were moms and dads. There seemed to be common theme amongst them as they shared, that they either developed the product out of a need in their family or they wanted to start a business so that they could spend more time with their family. As they opened up, they were eager to pass on what they learned to help fellow entrepreneurs. We hope that you enjoy this series as much as we do!

Momprenuer Series: BubbleBum Founder Grainne Kelly

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