Hospital Bag Must-Haves!

Getting ready for baby can be intimidating. Our first birth was a whirlwind. While we had plenty of time to set up the nursery and get all the gear put together, the day our little guy decided to come was a blur. Thankfully, we had our hospital bag packed beforehand so we didn’t have to think about anything. As we prepared for this baby, we asked several mamas what were their essential items. They had some great ideas that we hadn’t thought about, but are definitely going to include in this round.

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Our Hospital Bag Must Haves

Big Bag-Put that new diaper bag to use! We love our new Itzy Ritzy diaper bag. It has tons of pockets that we are going to fill up with all of these hospital must-haves. We packed a separate bag for dad. That way it was easier for him to find his own things.

Don’t forget the snacks for dad and power cords!


Phone Charger/Accessories-This is a MUST! You will want to make sure your phone has power especially since you don’t know how long you will be laboring and will probably want to update friends and family. You might even want to bring wireless speakers to play music too. One mom shared that an extension cord was helpful as the outlet in her hospital room was far from the bed.

Snacks-The hospital will have lots of food and snack options, but it can be good to bring a few of your favorites. Think protein bars or specialty drinks that the hospital might not have, but dad will need to help you keep pushing. It might even be a special dessert or treat to celebrate after baby is born.


Toiletries/Makeup-The hospital will have shampoo and conditioner, but let’s be real, we all know that we have our favorite products to use. Don’t forget your toothbrush and deodorant. The hospital will provide pads, but you might want to bring your own if you have a brand that you prefer. You will also probably want to touch yourself up for those pictures with baby and family. Even if it is something as simple as mascara or lip gloss. Some moms even bring their hair styling accessories to make sure they are picture perfect.


Breastfeeding essentials-The hospital should have a pillow that you can use for nursing, but if you have your own that you prefer, bring it. Lansinoh has some great breastfeeding essentials including a hands-free bra and lanolin to relieve some of the discomfort from breastfeeding. The bra is great because who wants to hold the pump especially since you will be exhausted. If you are modest, you might want to bring a nursing cover. There are always doctors, nurses and sometimes even family members walking in and out of the room, so it is nice to have a nursing cover if you prefer some privacy. We love the Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss 4-in-1 cover. It is a nursing cover, car seat cover, infinity scarf and grocery cart cover. The car seat cover is great for when you are leaving the h

Breastfeeding essentials including Lansinoh hands-free bra, lanolin and Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Nursing Cover

Pajamas-After you deliver, you are going to want comfortable pajamas. I like something with a button-down top for nursing/pumping and then bottoms with elastic. My husband made fun of my huge basketball shorts until I was trying to get to the bathroom from the hospital bed to the bathroom, which was about 5 feet away and wet my pants.


Pictures of family/Décor-This was something someone mentioned in our birthing class and I loved the idea. We brought pics of our family and the sonogram to post around the room. It was a simple way to make the hospital room feel a little more like home. We also brought the banner that someone made for us at the baby shower and hung it in the room.


Going home outfits-We opt for something cute and comfortable for baby and mama. Save the fancy outfit for a more formal picture. We love this outfit from Finn & Emma. They use 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes, which we love especially with a newborn’s sensitive skin.

Finn & Emma onesie and headband for going home outfit & family pics to brighten the hospital room

We were gifted the Itzy Ritzy diaper bag and Mom boss 4-1 cover, Finn and Emma outfit, Lansinoh hands-free bra and lanolin… We included affiliate links. All of our opinions and ideas are our own.

Hospital Bag Must-Haves!

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