The FAB Mom Shares Positive Lessons from Celebs

According to TV Personality Jill Simonian, bouncing back after baby is NOT about the body. This mother of two just added author to her resume launching: The FAB Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby (Skyhorse Publishing).

She says the book book is for first-time pregnant moms because she was scared of “motherhood and couldn’t find anything on the market to set my head straight and calm me down.”

The FAB Mom’s Guide shares personal stories and celebrity encounters with lessons that lead first-time moms on a distinctive, to-do journey to develop confidence and resilience after having a baby and through the first year of motherhood.

Simonian says,

“F-A-B = focused after baby. In the book, I celebrate first-time motherhood with over 50 no-frill to-do’s, to ‘bounce a new mom back,’ that even the most bold women shy away from. I also spill first-hand, positive lessons and stories from celebrity moms.”

She talks about how Eva Mendes made her more respectful of pregnancy and how Matt Damon helped her face and cope with baby separation anxiety explaining:

“I traveling to NYC was the first time I left my baby overnight (at 4 months) and it would’ve taken me forever to do that (I was scared to leave baby overnight) if I didn’t have to do it for work. That trip made me realize, ‘yeah, it’s okay and everyone is fine'”

She also shares a story about how Russell Brand powered her working mom mojo and how a suggestion from Ellen Pompeo organized her new-mom life in one single email.

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The FAB Mom Shares Positive Lessons from Celebs

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