Country superstar Dierks Bentley is a fan favorite and he loves his fans.

When asked about performing and if it ever just feels like a job, he was quick to say that the thrill is still worth chasing. Ever show feels better than before and no matter what his circumstances are he loves connecting with fans.

Bentley did the song “Hold the Light” for the feature film Only the Brave, it’s the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and the 2013 Yarnell Fire in Bentley’s home state of Arizona. And on his current album, Black, the song “All the Way to Me” had us wondering what Bentley wants to pass to his kids.

Bentley and his wife, Cassidy, have three kids (two daughters and a son) as he was sure to mention he was missing his son’s fourth birthday… watch our full interview with the singer/songwriter.

(l-r) Dierks Bentley, his wife Cassidy, and their three kids. Photo: Instagram: @dierksbentley @onlythebravemovie

Dierks Bentley on His Kids & Fans

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