“Bottles & Heels” Launch Party

Family Entourage had a blast at Tammin Sursok of Pretty Little Liars launch of her new blog “Bottles & Heels.” Tammin created her blog be a safe place to discuss ideas and share about her daily life as she balances motherhood and career. Guests at the launch party were able to hear from other moms who are balancing their careers and families including the founders of Soul Cycle, MomCo App and Club Momme.

We love it when events have things for the entire family to do. Guests were able to get their make-up done by the crew from Blushington, design a custom bag from Bow & Drape, check out the latest designs from FabFitFun, and get crowned by the gals from Cult Gaia with beautiful floral crowns. The kiddos were entertained with music from the Beat Buds and an arts and crafts area by Au Fudge. We loved creating a little dance video to remember the event by.

There was something for everyone in the food department too! We couldn’t help but sneak a bite of Sprinkles Cupcakes and California Donuts but don’t worry, we balanced it with some amazing food from Paleta too. Thrifted Sister Events and Bashery transformed the entire space to feel like you were going over to your girlfriend’s house. It was very posh but comfortable.

Even though not everyone could make it out to the launch party. Here are some tips to making your next party family friendly.

  1. Jump around! Have activities for the children. It can be as elaborate as a jump house or as simple as coloring books and toy cars. Create a space or area for the kids to be a part of the party but have their own area. Remove anything breakable or valuable too. This will enable the parents to be able to keep an eye on them and the kids will feel included. There are many great companies that specialize in party activities ranging from music, arts and crafts to scavenger hunts.
  2. Call for back up. Consider having a trusted babysitter or nanny help out. This will enable you to enjoy time with your guests and for the parents to have a little break while they are at the party. Guests will also have one less thing to worry about knowing that you have a sitter on-site. Ask guests to RSVP so you know how much help you will need.
  3. Pump up the jams! Include songs that everyone will know, recognize and enjoy dancing to. It is usually a good idea to select the edited versions of songs that way no one at the party is surprised or offended. If you’re having a live band, do a quick run through of the song list to make sure everyone’s favorite songs are included.
  4. Cheese! Create a fun photo backdrop that guests can take a family photo in. Stock the area with a box or suitcase full of props. These can be funny hats, a boa, or signs that you create from card stock. This will be a fun way for you and guests to remember the party. You can even create a hashtag for the party so everyone can see each other’s photos from the evening.
  5. That’s a wrap! When you have a family party, you will have to adjust the start and end time to account for naps and bedtime. While everyone might want to party until the break of dawn, it is good to wrap things up before there are any major melt downs. That way, everyone gets invited back next time!

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Family Entourage Co-Founder Mei Ling Nazar with her son.



“Bottles & Heels” Launch Party

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